9/11: The Rise And Fall Of The WTC Towers

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9/11 Argument Essay

Imagine coming to work on a normal day, then all the sudden a plane hits the building you’re working at and you’re not able to get out. WTC Towers was based by the impact of two planes hitting each one causing many lives lost with other factors such as destruction and survival, but the most contributing factor in the lives lost was the poor designing plan of the towers. In 102 Minutes the authors, Jim Dwyer and Kevin Flynn, describe the codes that the towers were built by and how it failed the safety of everyone.

According to the authors, the Empire State Building had a fire tower and more stairways than the Towers. The 1968 code took of the fire towers and half the stairs of the Towers. If the Towers still had the original plan, then people might have been able to get out. “The antiquated towers of commerce will fail.”(Dwyer and Flynn 107) predicted by Robert Low, chairman of the city council 's building committee, which means that he knew the buildings’ would fail and was ignored. Many firefighters died in the building because they thought the towers had more time before the catastrophe destruction but they new code reduced that. “The 1938 code had required that the columns of tall buildings are able to stand against fire for 4 hours; the new code reduced that to 3 hours.” The new code puts the tower and everyone in
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