What Is A Government Attempt To Form Nation-States Essay

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1. What is a nation-state, and how do some governments attempt to form nation- States? A: A nation-state is an area that is organized politically where state and nation occupy and hold the same area or place. Some governments attempt to form nation-states by giving one ethnic group many privileges over other ethnic groups. Another way some governments attempt to form nation-States is by outlining a common culture and history. 2. What does it mean for a person to have nationalism, and how do you think governments may use nationalism to their advantage? A: For a person to have nationalism, he must be loyal and believe in the nation. Governments can use nationalism to their advantage by raising taxes and passing laws they want because…show more content…
How was nationalism experienced differently in states like France and Spain compared to states like Italy and Germany? A: In France and Spain, a greater cohesion within those states was formed when there was nationalism. In Italy and Germany, nationalism became a rally for bringing together people with some shared cultural or historical elements into a single state. 5. How did European colonization promote nationalism? A: European colonization promoted nationalism because people could take pride in their nation's vast colonial empire. People could identify themselves with their nation, be it French, Dutch, or British, by contrasting themselves with the people in the colonies whom they defined as mystical or savage. By defining themselves in relation to an “Other,” the state and the people helped identify the supposed “traits” of their nation; in so doing, they began to build a nation-state. 6. According to the book, what are the three major complications that exist within the modern state system? A: According to the book, three major complications that exist within the modern state system are states containing more than one nation, nations residing in more than one state, and even nations without a state at
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