What Is A Happy Man Essay

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Here's what he (successful man) says about himself, his success and feeling that he is happy: I am a happy man. I've always been like that. As a child, everybody criticized me, first my parents, teachers, and all those who supervised my work. I resisted their criticisms and judgments, arguing and hated them. Who knows how long would it last if I had not stopped to justify myself to them and hide my mistakes.
What good is for me that I manage to hide my weaknesses in front of the others, when I always know and feel them deep inside my being. It doesn’t matter that other people hide their faults and mistakes as well. I didn’t want to anymore. I felt that in touch with the people, I don’t communicate from my real being, but from an imaginary play of myself behind which there is no a true experience. Most people presents to society, through what they say their ideal I, which indeed exists, but only as a mental picture. At the same time, these same people, their deeds, actions and feelings radiate a different I, every day I, trembling with fear, wanders in ignorance and uncertainties and writhing before the onslaught of the winner. If
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There is the risk of being ridiculed, because how do I know that someone will not take advantage of this to make fun at my expense and highlight their sense of humor. Although the courage is taking action in a certain way, despite the risk of negative consequences, nevertheless it is the understanding what causes any form of courage. I understand that there is less damage to endure ridicule and criticism than to constantly hide weaknesses and to live in fear of revealing my secrets to the world. Courage is the act originated from the understanding that there is nothing to lose but everything to gain. When you understand that, you can not, not to be brave. Seeing the truth is the same as acting on it. In other words, cause and effect are
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