What Is A Powerful Influence In To Kill A Mockingbird

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Powerful Influences
In the novel To Kill a Mockingbird it’s about a teenager boy who falls more into friends than adults. It tells about a teen boy named Arthur Radley and he is a troubled kid. He cares more about what friends say more than what his parents say. In this novel one of the characters has more powerful influences of friends than adults. First of all, in the novel, it shows how Arthur radley listens more to his bad influence friends and has to go through the consequences. When the book talks about how Radley hangs out with the Cunningham boys and what they did when getting in trouble everyone knew about the Cunningham boys and how they are troubled. The narrator points out “nobody in Maycomb had nerve enough to tell Mr. Radley
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Most of the time it depends on the situation. Now, talking about how a parent that can have a powerful influence on kids is Atticus. That day Scout had came home and questioned if Atticus helped out African American people, and then Scout told him about how some of the kids made fun her Atticus and called him names. Atticus replied to Scout and said “from now on it’ll be everybody less one” (Lee99). As Atticus told Scout to now listen to what others are saying and to be nice and be equal to everyone, Atticus did not want Jem and scout to be like all the other kids. This quote relates very well because Atticus tells them that to not be like the other kids and to be equal it shows how the parent has powerful influences over the child and not friends. Clearly, this is agreeable going both ways as in the novel To Kill a Mockingbird and in real life friends that can have powerful influences than a parent. The situation with Arthur in the novel goes well with how he has more powerful influences with friends than with parents. In today’s world, it can be very different depending on the situations, but, the older they get, the more they agree with their friends idea and parents don’t have a powerful influence
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