What Is A Reflection For Children And Adolescence

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The following reflects week three class for children and adolescence, this paper will showcase the main things discussed for this class period and the many take always. I will also reflect on the techniques that where discussed in this class period in order that I can further my deeopment in learning how to effectively communicate with adolescent. The first thing that stood out to me is how counselors need to take care of themselves, things like having your own copping skill and also recovering so that your mind is right when meeting a client, this did stood out to me because it was something I had not thought of before when it comes to the self-care of each counselors. We touched on in class being emotionally healthy and knowing your body ov, that is very important because this will help you become more focused in the sessions and less stressed in general. This is something everybody needs ot be aware of when they are in a counseling session with an indudal, you want to present yourself as being on your game and focused in a way so that the clients will get everything during that time. Some of the things I enjoyed doing to stay healthy and let off stress is exercising and being out in nature, this has the effects of staying calm and gets me to have a clear mind which in the end will help me because a lot more focused in the counseling sessions.
Another thing that stuck out to me was just how vital making good first impressions is when meeting the
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