What Is A Reflection In Organisational Behavior

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Now that I have gone through the Organizational Behavior course, when I reflect back on the last 3 years of my work experience I can very well relate to the concepts that were explained as a part of classroom teaching. Motivation at work place plays a very important role in the growth of any individual. As explained by the Maslow’s hierarchy of needs that an individual will move up the pyramid as and when his/her needs are met. For example if you a decent enough salary through which you can manage a rented house, food and other bare minimum requirements you will automatically move to the next level of the pyramid.
Going back to the engineering days when the companies started pouring in for placements the only factor that most of us (including me) cared about was which company is offering more salary. This actually formed the selection criteria at that time which I feel is only one of the factor with very less weightage. Once I started working in the organization, I realized that as long as I do the work that is assigned to me the salary will be credited to my account and the salary factor ceases to be a source of motivation after a year or so. The most important motivating factor according to me is the realization that the work you are doing is contributing to the growth of the organization. Secondly, is the work that I’m doing adding any value towards my skill set (both technical and interpersonal)? Last but not the least the level of recognition that I get from my seniors
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