Reflection On Forgiveness

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On completing the VIA Strengths Assessment Survey one of my top three strengths was forgiveness. This means forgiving those who have done wrong, accepting others’ shortcomings, giving people a second chance and not being vengeful (VIA Institute on Character 2018).
This core value was challenged by another nurse who in a snappy tone asked me to leave my patient and help to transfer her patient who was not at risk. My patient was impulsive and a high falls risk. I explained the situation and I would help her when my patient was safe. The nurse then berated me in front of my patient stated I was smirking and stormed off.
I have identified embarrassment as being central to my critical reflection.
Application of reflective model
To demonstrate personal insight, I will use the
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Reliving the incident repeatedly in your mind can affect how you feel, how you behave in public and your general mood. In most cases embarrassment won 't likely have a positive effect. Holding onto embarrassing situations can reduce your self-esteem and how you think of yourself in general (Keltner & Buswell…show more content…
I would need to manage my emotions and the information sensitively to tackle a potential personality clash and deal with their grievances. By acting quickly, I would not give the impression that there is no problem, this will help to stop the problem becoming more entrenched or complicated. This will take self-belief, courage and good communication skills on my part. I believe that I learnt from this experience that the art of reflection and self-care is an important aspect for nurses to improve not only their clinical skills but personal skills as well and reflection does not come easy to
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