What Is Abraham Lincoln's Role In The Civil War

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I’m writing about Abraham Lincoln, the man that made the decision to fight to prevent the nation from splitting apart, the president during the civil war which preserved the united states as one union, and the man that ended slavery. Abraham’s father, Thomas Lincoln, and grandfather, Abraham Lincoln, were born in Rockingham, Virginia. Abraham’s ancestors came from Berks county, Pennsylvania. His family came here only 17 years after the pilgrims landed at Plymouth Rock. One of his ancestors, Samuel Lincoln, founded the Lincoln family in America. Several of the Lincoln’s played huge roles in American History. Samuel had a great-great-grandson named Abraham. Abraham was the grandfather of later the 16th president. During the revolutionary war, his grandfather owned a farm in the Shenandoah Valley of…show more content…
Then in 1831, the Black Hawk War began. The governor called out the militia, and Lincoln volunteered for service. Lincoln’s term of service ended after 30 days, but he re-enlisted, then a month later, he re-enlisted again. He served a total of 90 days, but saw no fighting. He later recalled that he had “a good many bloody struggles with the mosquitoes.” Before Abraham joined the army, his friends tried to talk him into becoming a candidate for the state legislature. Encouraged by their faith, he announced his candidacy in March, 1832. He came home from the Black Hawk war only 2 weeks before the election. He was defeated with 277 out of 300 for votes. He thought of studying law, but thought he couldn 't succeed without a better education. Later, William F. Berry and Abe partnered up. Lincoln later recalled that “did nothing but get deeper and deeper in debt.” The store failed after a few months. Berry died in 1835, leaving Lincoln with debts about $1,100. It took Lincoln years to pay of the debt, but he finally did it. That earned him the name “Honest
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