Academic Dishonesty In Research

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Royal University Of Bhutan Samtse college of Education Assignment on Research essay Academic Skills Tutor: Mr. Dorji Dukpa Sanmanta Kumari Gurung BE no: 08140205 Samtse college of Education (Royal University of Bhutan) PLAGIARISM DECLARATION FORM This form must be completed, signed and appended to each assignment you submit for marking in any form (Print or electronically). Module title and no: ACS 101 Submission date: 05/11/14 Section H2 of the Royal University of Bhutan’s Wheel of Academic Law provides the following definition of academic dishonesty: “Academic dishonesty may be defined as any attempt by a student to gain an unfair advantage in any assessment. It may be demonstrated by one of the following:  Collusion:…show more content…
It is one of the deadliest diseases in the world and the number of HIV AIDS victims is increasing rapidly. It doesn’t show specific symptoms but as the disease progresses, it starts to affect the person’s immune system and hence the person can easily get infections, diseases and tumors. HIV is found in the body fluids of an infected person, which includes semen, vaginal and anal fluids, and blood and breast milk. It is a fragile virus and does not live very long outside the body. According to statistics from the Health Protection Agency, 95% of those diagnosed with HIV in the UK in 2011 acquired HIV as a result of sexual contact. HIV AIDS has general symptoms; however there are preventive measures as well as treatments for it which helps the patients to live healthy life. The early signs of HIV patient include loss of appetite, vomiting, skin rashes, weight loss, lack of energy, frequent fever and sweats, short term memory loss and they are prone to every kind of diseases. HIV is generally transmitted through unprotected sex where women are biologically at a greater risk. It can also be transmitted through exchange of blood usually by sharing unsterilized needles and syringes. Another mode of transmission is from parents to the child. However HIV cannot be transmitted through casual person to person contact, mosquito bites, sharing of toilets and bathroom with infected

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