What Is Academic Writing?

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This assignment will look to explain my understanding of academic writing. Academic is used in third level education and also by professionals. It is a precise form of writing that is used to convey knowledge and information. It is thought to be very important in third level education and professional level. Jane Copland a PR manager at the Penster’s writes that out of a survey done ‘up to 90% of staff agree’ (Copland, 2015) that it is an essential skill that should be thought at third level. Copland also states that ‘In a nutshell, academic writing holds great significance and therefore needs much attention and support from the academic fraternity’.
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According to Osmond (2016) good academic writing is seen to have qualities such as to be clear, formal, objective and supportive. These can be essential in third level as most if not all assignments and essays have a word count which will mean there may be no room for unnecessary information. It could also be said that a student or professional will develop their own identity and style when writing as over time they will begin to master it. “Writing is not just about conveying content but also about the representation of self” (Ivanič, n.d.).
Academic writing is presenting an argument backed up by relevant literature and evidence. It is where the author is trying to persuade the audience that their argument is relevant and the appropriate amount of literature was studied to back it up. “The writer of the

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