What Is Adam Peter Lanza's Criminal Behavior

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Adam Peter Lanza was born on April 22, 1992. He is a white male with brown hair. He lived in Newtown Connecticut at the time of the crime. He was around 5’10 and weighed 112 pounds. He was later diagnosed with anorexia. He had a very small build, and he is a white male. He had short and straight hair. He had a clean shave according to the photos of him at the crime scene. He was very pale and had light skin. His appearance was very unusual and awkward. His demeanor at arrest was nothing, because he shot himself inside the school before the police arrived. He had no criminal record. When he was found inside the school he was wearing a pale green vest over a black polo shirt, with black sneakers, black fingerless gloves, black socks, and a black

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