What Is Adeline Yen Mah's Relationship With Her Father

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Adeline Yen Mah grew up in a wealthy family in the 1950’s. She lived in a family where she was neglected by her sisters, brothers and parents. In this autobiographical text, Yen Mah expresses the negative tension between her father and her. In this essay, I will be discussing how Yen Mah insinuates through the use of language about her relationship with her father. “During the short drive home, my heart was full of dread and I wondered what I have done wrong.” This quote shows how Yen Mah starts being very apprehensive and anxious. Yen Mah creates a very personal atmosphere in her writing by expressing what she felt in that moment. In this quote, Yen Mah ponders the possibilities of what she could have done out of fear. From this quote, we could assume that Yen Mah does not have a healthy relationship with her father because she clearly established a sense of fear and apprehensiveness in this quote.…show more content…
“I was overwhelmed by the thought that I had been summoned by Father to enter the Holy of Holies- a place to which I had never been invited.” This quote shows how distant Yen Mah and her father are. She is overwhelmed that she had been called to his room; something that is typically common and normally not overwhelming in our society today. “Holy of the Holies” is a reference to the bible as a Jewish temple which conveys the place’s sacredness. This specific line implied that it was such an overwhelming feeling to be called to a sacred room that she’s never been to
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