What Is Adolf Hitler's Reaction To The Holocaust

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Some things in life are difficult to understand without experience. The special bond between a father and son or the adrenaline felt running from elderly neighbors post broken window, and on a completely different level, the Holocaust. A whole religion placed on the chopping block as the scapegoat for a crippling country’s mistakes. WWI left Germany in an embarrassing situation after, debatably, being the root cause of the war. Respect and the high self esteem Germans held plummeted to an all time low. “Losing” WWI couldn’t be proclaimed as the detriment to Germany’s society, something that could renew the hope in the people that it’s once great country could make a comeback. A young Adolf Hitler provided this answer, this answer being the Jews. A few years later and a couple more in prison led to the anti-Jew, gypsy, gay, disabled, and any other conflicting religion Germany of WWII. Millions of innocent people were murdered, sparking a flame that would scorch many lands…show more content…
In midst of this dark time, a silver lining shone from the depths. Various groups of people banded together to form Holocaust and Nazi resistances. In a period of time we associate with a negative and dark connotation, contained a splash of humanity in these people risking their lives for the greater good of humanity. At age 31, Oskar Schindler, a member of the Nazi party, inherited an enamelware factory. Ironically, this Polish factory employed nearly one-thousand Jews. Oskar provided information and intelligence for the Nazi party, and had deep ties in the party. While being a member of the Nazis and employing nearly one-thousand Jewish workers, he saw the opportunity to save large margins of money by keeping the cheaply
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