What Is Aeneas Honorable

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Finally, I’m going to talk about how honor plays probably the single biggest roles within Aeneas’ leadership style. Everything he does is based on how honorable or dishonorable it would be. Which makes since if you take into consideration the time period that we are talking about. The reason why many of these kings were in power during this time is because the people believed that they were more godlike, more honorable, then they were. Therefore, it makes sense that this would be held with such high regard. We see this in the epic increasingly present when Aeneas receives oracles or talks with his dad. These people remind him of his destiny and reset him on the path that he began on. So as you can see much of what Aeneas sees as honorable comes from what the gods what him to do, as this was common during this time. It would be similar to someone using a Judeo-Christian model to say what is honorable and what is not in today’s world.…show more content…
Hill’s, Comparative Analysis of the Military Leadership Styles of George C. Marshall and Dwight D. Eisenhower, we see the idea introduced that “Because God is specifically stipulated in the oath the commissioned officers affirm, and because the Constitution is law based on Judeo-Christian beliefs, perhaps faith is intended to be a factor, if not the overriding factor, in the
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