Effects Of Air Pollution Essay

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Air pollution is destroying the environment and the human health. Pollution is when a new substance is introduced to the environment and has negative effects on it. Pollution is found in different forms which include: air, soil, water, radioactive, noise, heat/thermal and light. Air pollution is many times produced by the excessive burning of fuels such as cooking, driving and other industrial activities, which produce chemicals and other substances that pollute the air. Sulphur dioxide that makes air toxic is produced by the burning of coal in everyday normal activities that make the smoke produced by factories, cars and of burning wood. Abnormalities like global warming and acid rain are caused by the release of carbon dioxide and other harmful gases to the air. This is not only causing environmental degradation but it also has a huge effect of the human health. It can cause a noticeable increase in respiratory problems like asthma and lung cancer. By breathing contaminated air,…show more content…
Some of the essential parts that make up a society include: production industries like energy, commerce, manufacturing resources, etc. The point and desire is to keep improving and advancing as a society but the priority is the human health. There is a verse in Genesis 2 that applies to this situation. The universe had just been made, God created the oceans and the land, and everything thing in it. God finally places man in the world (in the Garden of Eden) to work it and take care of it (the world). “The Lord God took the man and put him in the Garden of Eden to work it and take care of it.” (New International Version, Gen 2.15). God wants improvement. He wants people to “work the land” but also to “take care of it”, and this improvement can be done in a good and ecologic way. By taking some of the ecologic alternatives and
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