What Is Albert Speer's Ability To Lie

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Albert Speer, the infamous personality living in the time of the great anti-Semitic movements and activities in Germany led by the most evil personality to walk this earth. Was Speer redeemed or was he just clever at lying? A clever liar; a personality characterised by a sharp and quick intelligence to deliver deliberate untruthfulness. It is evident that this form of persona is clearly depicted in Albert Speer’s life. Speer, as Hitler’s ‘closest’ friend, the Party’s head architect and the Nazi Party’s Minister for Armaments is clear that he was eminently involved in the plan to exterminate the Jewish race, to thus achieve Hitler’s dream of a pure Aryan race. Why was Albert Speer named the ‘Good Nazi’ after the Nuremberg Trials, denying all knowledge of the ‘Final Solution’, but accepted responsibility for actions of the regime? His true lying ability is expressed in these word “of all the dreadful things, I knew nothing”. There were many events that express Speer’s involvement in Anti-Semitic movements, and his ability to liar towards his participation in any of it: 1. Architect - ‘Germania’  strengthened the relationship between Speer and Hitler – a project involving the removal of thousands of Jews into camps.…show more content…
Later on in this position, it is argued that Speer was involved in the use of force labour (Jewish people including froing labours and DORA camp prisoners). Speer’s extensive use of building materials, including the use of stone in his architectural designs required labours from concentration camps to involve in intensive labour. Speer’s contribution to the Nazi force labour programs is very substantial. Although Speer claimed at the Nuremberg Trials that he had no knowledge of the “final solution” or the atrocities taking place at the concentration camps, his contribution to the force labour is
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