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In the poems ‘Lament’ by Gillian Clarke and ‘Report to Wordsworth’ by Boey Kim Cheng, both poets highlight the death and destruction of nature through human selfishness. ‘Lament’ is set in the Gulf War in 1991, when Iraq invaded Kuwait and shows the destruction the war has created. It is also based on media reports that were collected during the conflict. In addition, ‘Report to Wordsworth’ is addressed to William Wordsworth, an English Romantic poet who respected and loved nature. Cheng explains that nature is dying due to the pollution caused by human greediness. Alliteration, anaphora and oxymorons are used to illustrate the themes in both poems and makes readers feel guilty and motivated to do something to help stop the destruction by appealing to their emotions. In ‘Report to Wordsworth’, Cheng uses alliteration in the line “O see the wound widening in the sky”. This creates an image of how the ozone layer is being destroyed and shows that the Earth is metaphorically hurt. The poet has used alliteration in order to slow down the pace and to make the reader pause and think about the destruction. The most powerful word is ‘wound’, used to represent hurt and create a visual image of the sky. The desperation in this line is portrayed in the use of ‘O’ so the reader can really hear the persona’s voice. Cheng is conveying the damage that we are doing and imploring us to change it. In addition, the simile “Slowing like a dying clock” relates to death, and tells the reader

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