What Is Amazon Using The Competitive Forces And Value Chain Model

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Analyze using the competitive forces and value chain models. How has it responded to pressures from its competitive environment? How does it provide value to its customers? a) Competitive forces analysis i) Entry of competitors It is easy for competitors to enter the market by establishing an e-shop and Amazon laid the groundwork for competitors (Flat World Business, n.d). However, Amazon has advanced websites and high brand recognition that other competitors may not reach its level. ii) Threat of substitutes The book publishers can publish the books and distribute them directly to the public. iii) Power of buyers Amazon experiences a low buyer power since the book items can’t be bargained since the prices are fixed. iv) Bargaining power of suppliers The suppliers have low bargaining power since the company is large and can compel the suppliers to offer discounts for the popular titles. v) Entry by rivals Although rivals can enter the market of Amazon, the company has already reached the biggest global marketplace and there are many visitors to its website. b) Value chain model analysis Value chain refers to the activities which create value and competitive advantage for a company. For Amazon, these activities are shown in the model below; Amazon value chain model by Dudovskiy, J. (2017) Activity Explanation In-bound logistics Amazon uses the Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) and takes responsibility for customer service, logistics and returns. Operations Amazon
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