What Is Ambition In Jimmy Hoffa

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Goals Ambition. Many people say that ambition is a necessary trait not only to become successful but also to overcome those with natural talent. But is it imperative? Is it ambition still when you will do all it takes to achieve it regardless of the repercussions? After all, we are still human and we will do whatever is necessary to survive even if it means ending another. We have seen this occur in history numerous times. Take the Jimmy Hoffa case, for example. He was one of the most influential people who brought about great change. With all the popularity and support he gained there were also those who deeply resented him too. It wasn’t just a few people, but dozens of people who engaged in ruthless acts on him to try to achieve their…show more content…
Though the whereabouts and what actually happened to him are heavily disputed, a few were for certain. Hoffa was an extremely influential and powerful individual (Miller). He is credited or completely changing the Teamsters, a labor union (Miller). This transformation did come with its own costs as shown when Hoffa as charged with misusing 1.7 million dollars of the Union 's funds and therefore was sentenced to 13 years in jail (Sifakis). While, in jail, many predicted that his motivation would run dry and he would lose his ambition (Katz). On the contrary, he had an even stronger desire to take over the Teamsters presidency from Fitzsimmons and to regain what was forcefully taken from him. Danielle Haynes, a writer for the United Press International explains that “This desire is what ultimately made him a target for many Mobsters” (Haynes). Hoffa’s burning desire to take over the leadership of the Teamsters and the malicious personalities of the mobsters only to the mysteries surrounding his…show more content…
In the final analysis, the mysterious death of Teamster President Jimmy Hoffa could have happened due to two possible theories which are either he was sliced up to his death by a hitman that was hired by Bernadino Provenzano or cremated by Frank Sheeran. Many people believe that Provenzano hired Charles Allen to kill Hoffa because of the threat he put on Provenzano’s life. Another widely agreed on theory is that Frank Sheeran killed him when he was put in a scenario in which was compelled to decide between his life or Hoffa’s. In the end, the case will keep intriguing people for many years to come whether if it was actually Provenzano or Sheeran. Ultimately people will do whatever it takes to make their life ameliorated even if it means eliminating another which shows that Jimmy Hoffa was just another another victim of
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