What Is An American A Primer Summary

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Americans are people who follow the American dream, but the American dream is unachievable and has Paradoxes in it. This is proven in the articles “What is an American: a Primer” written by Peter Ferrara, “Drill, Grill and Chill” written by Maureen Dowd and John Steinbeck’s “Paradox and dream”. In Peter Ferrara’s article, titled “What is an American: a Primer” written on, September twenty-fifth two thousand and one, he claims that an American is any person who is looking for a better life for themselves and their family. Maureen Dowd takes a sarcastic approach to describing what an American is in her article “Drill, Grill and Chill”. In that article she claims that Americans do whatever necessary to maintain their way of life, while not caring…show more content…
If we get charred by the sun, our dermatologists will replace our skin. If the globe gets warmer, we 'll turn up the air-conditioning. (We invented air-conditioning.) We 'll drive faster in our gigantic, air-conditioned cars to the new beaches that our marine geologists create.” Dowd describes that instead of changing our ways to save the environment and maintain the earth, we will just make ourselves comfortable in whatever means necessary. This supports the main claim that Americans will do anything to achieve their dream. Dowd uses parentheses to emphasize that this thing is good and that America invented it. Dowd Also uses sarcasm throughout “Drill, Grill and Chill” to show how outrageous Americans can be and how they will do anything to achieve their dream. This article supports the main claim because it 's depicting the flaws with the American dream and the American way of
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