What Is An Electric Vehicle Essay

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Why Gas...Go Electric When my family came home with an electric vehicle, I was confused about what was wrong with our gas vehicle. I had never heard of an electric vehicles or the benefits of owning one. This led me to the conclusion that an electric vehicle was unnecessary and just a waste of money. What I did not realise was that there was so much more to an electric vehicle than just the fact that it was powered by electricity. As upon learning more about this vehicle, it led me to many question, that I now have confident answers to. Did an electric vehicle really help us have a cleaner environment? Is an electric vehicle easier to care of? The answer is yes. Now a days the amount of electric vehicles are slowly increasing, but for those who are unsure about what exactly an electric vehicle is and how it came to be such a useful invention, here is some background information about this futuristic vehicle. In 1828, Hungarian Ányos Jedlik invented a small-scale model car, powered by an electric motor that he designed.…show more content…
According to Fleet Crama, “-there is no gas to buy, no oil to change, no smog checks, and fewer parts to break or wear out.” With cheaper prices, regardless of whether a student right out of high school is buying the vehicle or if a person with a high income rate is buying it, the price will always be lower compared to a gas vehicle. When owning an electric vehicle, people can take the money they would have spent on a gas vehicle and use it for something else. Even though gas vehicles cost $32,000, while the average EV costs $30,000 ( according to Investing General), electric vehicles do not have to worry about the prices that come from all the costs of maintenance requirements and just the cost of the car itself. So, even though a gas vehicle is $2,000 cheaper , due to all the other requirements, gas vehicles owners will end up paying more for their car than an electric vehicle
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