What Is An Example Of Aliyah's Autobiography

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Aliyah's Autobiography I was born Jan, 19, 2006. I was born in mountain home. My parents said i was a good baby. Because I did not cry that much. I learned how to write when I was 4. My first word was mommy. My second word was daddy. I liked to play with pacifiers and chew toys. I did not like strollers, Because I did not like to just sit. I liked to move around.

It was my first day of school. I did not know anyone.I was very scary,Because I did not know anyone. Then I got a friend in kindergarten grade. His name was Brandon.Then I learned how to read. But I did not like to read. The kindergarten smell weird I did not like the smell of it because it smelled bad.

First grade I learned how to play soccer. I liked it, so did my friend brandon.
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