What Is An Unforgettable Moment Essay

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Everyday we are faced with challenges and moments where not all of them are pleasing. Even so, there are times when you are lucky enough to experience a moment so pleasing to your soul and mind, you had that specific moment encapsulated in your brain so that when you wish to recall that moment again, you would be able take a piece of that memory to relish. With each passing time and with every little pieces that you took, slowly the moment you held so close to your heart will be left with nothing but emotions that you cant seem to remember anymore. It is unavoidable as time destroys everything and memories will gradually fade away as you grow older. Living life as a teenager was something that everyone had to go through. Although most of the memories as a teenager were generally a mix of embarrassment and anger, there were one exceptional pleasing moment that I still remembered until now. I was a timid and a shy girl during my first 3 years of highschool. Most of the time, I usually kept to myself and steered clear from the different types of clique. It seems that my nose were always buried in a different book each week, now that I think about it. Although my life at that time were uninteresting and grey,my unforgettable moment came from that specific period of…show more content…
Usually, my mom would pick me up in her red toyota but on that rainy Wednesday, I received a call from her saying that she was unable to pick me up due to an emergency at her office. Leaving me no choice, I had to take the bus home. The only problem was, I had never taken a bus in my whole life and before I knew it, a little drizzle turned to heavy rain after I ended the call. I decided to wait for the rain to stop but failed miserably. The rain poured heavily without any sympathy for the girl taking shelter at the school 's guard house. I remembered feeling flustered and worried while reaching my hand out to the cold
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