What Is Annabeth's Journey In The Labyrinth

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"The Battle of The Labyrinth" by Rick Riordan is the fourth book in the Percy Jackson & The Olympians series. When the story begins, Percy is a 14-year-old demigod who getting ready to begin a school year at yet another new school. He is on his school orientation tour when disaster strikes and monsters attack. This is the beginning of a summer during which Percy has to head down into the Labyrinth with some of his closest friends in order to save the world.
Percy then heads to Camp Half-Blood where he is told about the Labyrinth. The maze was designed by Daedalus and according to Greek mythology, is part of King Minos' palace in Crete. Annabeth, daughter of Athena, is captivated by the Labyrinth and discovers that she is about to lead a quest and it involves a route through the Labyrinth.
Percy discovers that Luke, son of Hermes, is on his own quest for revenge and plans to use the Labyrinth to enter the heart of camp to annihilate
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He realizes that they have to ask for help of a mortal named Rachel. Rachel has the unique ability to see through the Mist. While the rest struggle to choose between paths in the Labyrinth, she can see the correct passage clearly. They eventually reach Daedalus, but he is doubtful as to if he should help them or not.
Grover, a satyr, is on his own quest. He has to find Pan, god of the wild, and prove his existence or he will lose his job. While in the Labyrinth, the friends find Pan who is about to cease of existence. He breathes part of himself into each person present in the room, except for Nico, who is the son of Hades.
Luke finds Adriane's string, which leads his army out of the Labyrinth into Camp Half-Blood. A fierce battle arises. Grover yells, and the sound scares the enemies away. This sound came from the part of Pan that now lived within him. When the battle is over, Daedalus lets himself die, therefore shutting down the Labyrinth
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