What Is Anne Frank: The Causes Of The Holocaust?

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Nearly one century has passed since we witnessed possibly the biggest passive massacre of all time; the holocaust. Unless you lived under a rock, and even then, it would be impossible to not know about the events that occured during this grief period. It would be hard to comprehend the motives behind so much cruelty, but honest civilians have been the guide to uncovering the reasons behind all of it. One civilian that comes to mind is Anne Frank and her journal entries that uncovered the emotions endured as a Jew in a German take-over. Anne Frank was considered a German-born diarist with Jew heritage. During the holocaust she was kept in hiding and wrote in a journal describing her experiences through it all that would later be discovered and be the cornerstone for knowledge in this era. The diary was meant to be kept private, but once she was discovered and sent away, her journal was confiscated and kept for information. Her knowledge of the camps early on is uncovered based on her entry on October 9th 1942 where she states, “The people get almost nothing to eat, much less to drink, as water is available only one hour a day, and there’s only one toilet and sink for several thousand people. Men and women sleep in the same room, and women and children often have their heads shaved.” (http://alphahistory.com/holocaust/anne-frank-diary-1942-44/) Anne Frank explains that living conditions are beyond harsh at concentration camps just off of what she heard alone. She mentions
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