Persuasive Speech Outline On Assisted Suicide

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Creative Title: Assisted Suicide: How Far Would You Go? Specific Purpose: To inform my audience about assisted suicides. Central Idea: Assisted suicide can be looked upon from three different angles, and three different perspectives. INTRODUCTION I. Matthew Donnelly loved life. But Matthew Donnelly wanted to die. He was terminally ill and he was going through so much of suffering that he begged for the doctors to just end his life. Assisted suicide could have put him out of his misery. But does that justify the need for assisted suicide? II. I’ve done a bit of research on assisted suicide and also on the people who both support and also disagree with assisted suicide. III. So today I’m going to be share with you guys the two different …show more content…

Views against assisted suicide B. View supporting assisted suicide (TRANSITION: Nobody can deny that assisted suicide is a relatively new issue.) BODY : And just like other recent topics, it has been criticized and resisted by …show more content…

She believed it would create a potential for misuse. The pressure to end one 's life could become a dangerous trend, especially in a world where medical cost is off the charts. 1. Decision-making ability on matters of life and death would then also rest on the doctors. a. The doctors also then decide who they encourage or discourage on the prospects of recovery. b. But what if they doctor decides based on his short staff and lack of resources? He’d be more likely to lean towards the no hope factor even when the odds are not clear. Do we want that? B. As she and her husband were devout Catholics, they also believed that it was wrong to take away someone’s life and also agreed with the church that doctors should never hasten death. 1. In fact, most religions condemn killing and therefore oppose assisted suicide firmly. a. For example Christians and Buddhists share the same belief that life is precious and sacred and to take one’s life is a great sin. b. On the other end, Muslims believe that, in Islamic tradition, end-of-life suffering is seen as a way to purify previous sins so that by the time you meet God, you do so in a more pure

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