What Is Athena's Role In The Odyssey

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In Greece culture, especially in The Odyssey, there are many different type of Greek women. Each women in their social rank and status have important roles to fulfill. In The Odyssey some women choose to fulfil their roles rightfully while other should be shamed for the disgrace they caused to all women. Athena, Penelope, and _______ are discussed in the book and have powerful influences on people, some choose to be the good influence while others choose to be inferior. Athena is the greek goddess of wisdom and war. Athena uses her role as a goddess to her fullest potential for good. She sees the need to help Odysseus so she pleads to Zeus for him and in the end Zeus sets Odysseus free. Athena does not stop there, after freeing Odysseus she does everything she can to help him get back to his family. Athena starts my disguising herself and helping Telemakhos realize he might still be alive. After…show more content…
She is the mother Telemakhos and the wife of Odysseus. In Ithika the “government” is run by a matriarchy instead of a patriarchy like most other places. A matriarchy is run by women, meaning that Penelope is the ruler and Telemakhos gets if power from her, not from his father. Penelope is not only and respectable woman because of her power, but she is also known for her unending loyalty. Penelope’s husband has been missing for almost 20 years and it has been predicted that he is dead. Even with these presumptions Penelope will not choose another suitor and find ways to avoid having to pick a suitor. She uses the burial cloth as a way to keep the suitors away. She says that when she is done weaving she will be ready to choose a suitor. Every night, however, Penelope undoes all the weaving she had done the previous day. Many women choose to remarry after the death of a husband and it is hard to resist when every suitor available is interested. Penelope resists and remains faithful through every year to
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