What Is Atlantis Real

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Atlantis is a fictional island because there has been no evidence of the island, no authentic pictures or artifacts from the island, and evidence has been found that Plato wrote the story of Atlantis to prove a point. 1. Atlantis is fictional because there are no real evidence like pictures or artifacts of the island existing. There are only drawings of Atlantis but no actual pictures. 2. There has been stated exact evidence that Atlantis is real. For example it says that it is a legendary lost island and it has not been found for over 11,000 years, and that was when it went missing. People all over do believe that Atlantis is real though, but from the information about it that said it was real, almost looked fake in a way and not trustable. If you just go look…show more content…
According to History Plato never truly believed in his story, he only wrote the story to boost ideas of a faultless or supreme society, stating that because the city became corrupt and greedy, Poseidon (the god of the sea) troubled the island with earthquakes and floods, sinking Atlantis to the bottom of the sea.Plato’s Critias says he heard the story of Atlantis from his grandfather, who had heard it from the Athenian statesman Solon (300 years before Plato’s time), who had learned it from an Egyptian priest, who said it had happened 9,000 years before that. “ The evidence above proves that Plato heard the story of Atlantis after it could have been modified by many different people. “Whether or not Plato believed his own story, his intent in telling it seems to have been to boost his ideas of an ideal society…” this information states that Plato might not have even believed his own story the article also states that Plato mainly wrote the story to “prove a point” or boost himself and others idea of an ideal
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