What Is Atticus Finch's Decision In To Kill A Mockingbird

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The place and the time of which when she is growing up is extremely important in her decision as well. Scout is growing up in 1933, right in the middle of the great depression. She is also growing up in Maycomb County, Alabama. A state in the south where at the time, racial discrimination is at an all-time high. As well WWII is just on the horizon at this time. All of these things combined as well as Scout’s age has a big effect on Scout and her decision. Scout also draws influence from some of the people she knows in her life. Some of the people she would draw influence from to make her decision would be her father, Atticus, and Bob Ewell, the man who tried to kill her. These characters can show how the choice to live for Christ and the choice to live for the world can affect where you end up. Start with Atticus; Atticus Finch is the father of two children, Jeremy Atticus Finch and Jean Louise Finch (Scout). His wife died before the book began back when Scout was just a little toddler. He works as an attorney and is often praise for his honesty and intelligence in Maycomb. Atticus was the defendant of Tom Robinson in his case against Mayella Ewell, who said that Tom raped her and beat her. He was the only man that would agree to do this and was given a lot of slack for defending a black man. He does his best to raise Scout …show more content…

His wife died before the book of mysterious circumstances we do not know of. He does not have a job and the only time he gets one he only has it for a week and gets fired for “laziness”. Tom Ewell is very lazy caring for very little; he beats his children when they do something wrong as seen with Mayella at the trial. He also has a very big ego and hates anyone messing with him making him look worse than he seems. Bob Ewell will go to crazy limits to get the blame on others to keep himself off the

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