What Is Augustus's Relationship With The Senate

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Augustus was only 17 year old when he had a positive relationship with the Senate because Augustus wanted to raise the tone of the Senate, reduce, its numbers, restore its former dignity, increase responsibility of its members and improve its efficiency. This relationship with the Senate remained for the rest of the Julio- Claudian Dynasty. Thus shows that Augustus had a positive relationship with the Senate. One of Augustus main aims was to reduce the size of the Principate he would work with, Augustus had reduced its numbers from 1000 and 800 in 23BC and then 600 in 27BC, and then 400 in 18BC by removing disreputable members who entered the Senate prior to Augustus through bribery or influence. Augustus laid down a monetary qualification of one million sesterces and added worthy men from the equestrian class. Augustus had reduced the numbers of sessions of the senate to two months, and to make things more efficient, he set up a senate community of himself. Augustus also appointed senators to newly create a position such as the curatorships of the aqueduct or of the public works such as…show more content…
Augustus had made many important reforms in his rule, by having to control everything in Rome and making the senators work for him to build and do the thing for him. The senates were an advisory body whose advice becomes law via the consuls, praetors, and by confirmation by the assemblies of the citizens in Rome. Augustus had mad the laws so strongly that if women or a man do anything behind his back, he willpower send them to a different region, and get them killed by putting them with the animals to die. When Augustus made the laws across he directly made his plans to the people to present his Tribunician

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