What Is Being Unique Essay

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It is important to be surrounded by people and to not feel left out on your own. You are not obliged to be similar to those you surround yourself with, all humans are alike in a way anyway. Therefore you do not have to try too hard to fit in a group, it is more important to be yourself. You are more likely to get accepted into groups much more easily when you are different from everybody else as it seems to people that you have something they do not have which keeps them interested in you. A person should always be comfortable with the decision he/she makes in order to be happy and content. Following other people’s theories and views will not lead you to any good but only to feel like you are being pressured to change the person that you are just to keep certain people in your life who may not even be accepting to your unique self. Being original is so much more attractive than pretending to be somebody you are not. The pressure that is applied to a person who is try so hard to change themselves to fit in a different society or…show more content…
Being your own different self shows other people that there is something you have that they do not. Having something that somebody else does not have makes them interested into getting to know you even better and learning more about the character you are. It gives the individual so much self confidence to continue being their selves and if they had to change themselves it would be only to improve and nothing else. It is better to be one of a kind then to be like everyone else. All humans have at least one thing in common with another, maybe even nothing in common but then everyone knows that “opposites attract.” Being different leads you to become a critical thinker and to express your feelings, thoughts and theories different from others. If everyone in the world shared the same thoughts and opinions the world will never
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