What Is Benjamin Franklin's Reflection Of 'The Way To Wealth'

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After reading The Way to Wealth by Benjamin Franklin, I found lots of things that I related to in a many different ways. Reading this piece was an eye opener because most of the points he made are some points that other significant people have made the same remarks about. I find it really amazing that we still have access to these things and can relate to them. One of the many ways that I connected with Franklin was that he makes points that we have an urge to buy things that are a bargain. Franklin says this,” you expect they will be sold cheap, and perhaps, they may be bought for less than they cost; but, if you have no occasion for them, they must be dear to you.” I related with that because being college I have had to learn to be frugal with my money and try and make it go as far as I possibly can, so I only buy things that are mandatory for the month/week. I really never have opportunities to buy things for pleasure because I have to buy things for the house or food. Another thing that I identified with was the fact that you have to plan in what ways you are going to spend your money in order to pay off debts to people at the end of the month. Ben has lots of views on how to do this, “when you have got your bargain, you may perhaps think a little of a payment.” I feel like people often forget that they have to budget their money so that they…show more content…
Both of those things are two of the most apparent things that I related with in this piece. Benjamin Franklin also says something that my mom has been preaching to me since I was little, “These are not the necessaries
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