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Being a hero to our society isn’t as easy as it looks in the movies. Good heroes are more than throwing on a cape and having the ability to fly. Good heroes come in many shapes and sizes. In today’s society we label people heroes for many reasons. Beowulf is beyond a doubt a beneficial hero. He was loyal, brave, and basically superhuman. He could save his people and protect his society. Beowulf was known as a brave and fearless person. Challenging on multiple monsters just protect his people and others. He was the only one willing to cross seas and mountains to come fight something he knows nothing about. In the texts it states “commanded a boat fitted, proclaiming that he’d that famous. Would sail across the sea to Hrothgar”.…show more content…
Before he became king of Geats, he was loyal to his king Higlac. In the passage it says “Heard how Grendel filled the night with horror and quickly commanded a boat.” Meaning he was ready to go to war and help the people in need. He was loyal to not only his people but to society. Also, it states “ Then the king in his great heartedness unclasped the collar of gold from his neck and gave it to the young thane, telling him to use it and the warshirt and the gilded helmet well”. This is showing how even as he is dying he is still thinking about his people. Some would argue Beowulf isn’t smart and that his pride is in the way of him being a beneficial hero. Meaning it wasn’t smart of him to travel over the seas to fight a monster that he knows nothing about. Also, he thought he was the best of the best and that nobody can beat him. Although some people think that, other understand Beowulf was only thinking about what’s best for the people. He put his safety aside for the others. To conclude Beowulf is beyond a doubt a beneficial hero. He was loyal, brave and basically superhuman. Having was ability to save his people and protect his society. Many people have different reasons why they feel as though he isn’t a hero. In our society it’s easy to be looked at as a hero. Becoming a good beneficial hero is a total different. Why would anyone

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