What Is Better Than Community Colleges

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When college searching, most prospective students dream of attending a large, beautiful campus; they do not take into consideration how much money their dream school cost. This simple mistakes leads to thousands of adults drowning in college loans years after earning their degree. Attending a community college easily solves the problem by helping students who want to reach their goal of earning a degree without the outrageous cost of universities. Junior colleges are more economical than universities because they are more convenient, less expensive, and less demanding. Because community colleges are more conveniently located than an university, avoiding extra cost becomes easier by commuting. Junior colleges tend to be closer to home and students choose to commute more often. Gas cost is still a factor to consider but the travel cost will be much less than what one must pay every semester for room and board. Although universities still provide the option to commute, the decision to commute may not be realistic. Students tend to live farther away from senior colleges because there are less available. Because many major…show more content…
Students who attend junior colleges have more freedom to choose when they take their classes because day, night, and sometimes weekend classes are available. This opens up the chance to save money by having a part time job while attending college. Although students can also work while attending a university, when attending a community college students do not live in an official college town and are more likely to find a job in their community. Universities tend to have a harder work load than community colleges and attendance is required unlike some community colleges. This makes it harder to have work commitments. With a more flexible schedule, community college students are able to work and earn extra money for cost that need to be
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