What Is Better Than Trade School

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College, people stresses of what to do.. Path wise. Should they go to a university or trade school? I believe trade school, it’s a great starting path. Because education in it 's self is a huge necessity for everyday life, especially college education because of what you earn in jobs after college than what you have in high school. Personally, I think trade school is a better start than a University because of its cost effectiveness, you graduate sooner in some schools, and have smaller class 's than a University. In this essay I will explain why these things are important and the validating statistics.

In trade school, it 's 70% cheaper ($33,000, which, compared to a $127,000 bachelor 's degree (Trent Hamm)) than a University (college
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For example, one Trade school has an average of 21 students in vocational education classes and academic courses were an average of 24 students (Institute of Education Sciences). While at another trade school there average class size was 24 students (Remington Collage).But some people have done statistics that says other wise like, "Several studies have found that while teachers may have more interactions with students, they tend to teach the same way they always have, regardless of the size of the class (Seattle Times)". But on my side, "Researchers generally agree that lower class sizes, at least in the earliest grades, are linked to positive educational benefits such as better test scores, fewer dropouts and higher graduation rates, especially for disadvantaged children (Seattle Times)". Showing us that if we start at a young age with smaller class 's test scores will be better and that’s what every teacher wants. This information is also important to know because though I 'm a freshman small classrooms are great to have because its awesome for teachers/ professors to be one on one with the student. So if you are one of those people who stresses out on which path to take, collage, trade school or not at all, trade school is good to start with.

Cost affective, graduation timeline is shorter, and benefit people that learn better in smaller class 's. All of this information is great to know so you don 't stress out any more about where to go or what to do with your life after high school. Don 't pull you hair out and pick Trade school for your life after
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