What Is Brahma's Major Accomplishments

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This artwork is a depiction of the god Brahma. Brahma is the god of creation and he is also a part of the Hindu Trinity. The Hindu Trinity includes Lord Vishnu and Shiva. In the holy book Veda, he is also known as Prajapati ( All Father )
Brahma was created by Brahman (god). Brahman created his son from a seed, which turned into an egg, and in turn out came Brahma. The golden egg symbolizes the beginning of the universe, and it is termed as Hiranyagarbha. But there are other stories on ho he was brought into this and world, and from this painting it shows Brahma sitting on a Lotus flower. This symbolizes how Brahma was born from the Lotus out of Lord Vishnu’s belly button. There is a lot of meaning behind Hindu paintings. Brahma has many heads, and one of the reasons why he has so many is because he created Shatarupa. She was exquisite and drew his gaze, but every time he would look, he would produce a new head. As shown in the painting his heads symbolized North, East, South, and West. In order to avoid him, Shatarupa decided to disguised herself into an animal. But this did not work, whatever animal she became, he became the male version of it. This is how the animal kingdom was created.
In this painting Brahma is holding beads in one of his four hands they symbolize the world’s essence, what it is made of.
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Even though he is not nearly as loved as the others, he deserves recognition for the good that he has done. Brahma is loved in Bali because they practice Agama Hinduism, and they still believe that he is the most important, and the Lord of creations. The most well-known temple dedicated to him, is the Brahma temple, located in Pushkar. I think we should celebrate him even though he’s not a big contributor anymore, it’s like celebrating the people who are timeless and iconic. He is very iconic and will live out the rest of the years with an imprint on

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