Burberry Brand Positioning Strategy

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Burberry is a global luxury brand that has a unique democratic positioning within the luxury arena. This internationally recognized brand positioned itself with its luxury and functionality in the minds of consumers. Its positioning method has been consistent throughout the life of the Burberry brand and is a primary driver in propelling Burberry into its current market position (“Burberrys Market Position And Its Competitors Marketing Essay,” 2015). Burberry provides a great depth and wide range of product line. Burberry has widened its scope with variety of products. The Bravo team was very successful in elevating the overall status of the Burberry brand. This was a very challenging task. Bravo’s goal when she took over was to transform Burberry into a “luxury lifestyle brand that was aspirational, stylish, and innovative.” Some quick changes made to Burberry to assist in accomplishing this and elevate the overall status were cosmetic. This consist of introducing a contemporary new logo and packaging changing the company’s name from Burberry’s to Burberry.…show more content…
They focus on attracting younger customers while retaining Burberry’s core customer base by filling up the gap in the market, between that of classic fashion and cutting edge fashion. Their products are classified into two main types that include fashion or continuity. Fashion products are made to be responsive to latest fashion trends and usually only had a seasonal life cycle. These products are introduced on a collection-by-collection basis. As for Burberry’s continuity products such as the classic trench coat, their life cycles are anticipated to last for several

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