What Is Burris Ewell's Treatment In To Kill A Mockingbird

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African Americans in the infected town of Maycomb County aren't the only ones who are viewed and treated differently. As a matter of fact, two of Scout’s classmates, Burris Ewell and Walter Cunningham are given ‘special treatment’ with their first grade teacher, Miss Caroline, and the rest of Maycomb County. Them and their families were the blue collar workers, with an exception of the Ewell family who was closer to the “white trash” category. What separates the two is the Cunninghams were generous enough to repay what they owed in goods, because money was not a possibility and they worked to make a living for themselves. The Ewells, however lived off welfare from the government and Bob was an abusive, alcoholic father with disrespectful, neglected…show more content…
His classmates know the first day of school is also his last and he is not required to go back because of the pity his family receives. His father spends the little money they do have on whiskey and the family is permitted to hunt off season because they would have no way of surviving if it was any different. African Americans in the novel are seen as the bottom of the totem pole and the Ewells are right above them. Prejudice and racism are transparent and perceptible because when skin tone is left aside, the Ewells life the same lifestyle as the African Americans by the homes they live in which are considered “dumps”. As a matter of fact, Bob Ewell and family live in an old black cabin directly behind the landfill. What makes them have more respect in town than the blacks is simply the fact that the Ewells are white. Atticus explains to Jem that during this period in civilization, no matter what the circumstances are in a situation, the white person will be believed over a black person because the generalization was all African Americans were filthy liars and unsafe with a white man's woman. “There's something in our world that makes men lose their heads—they couldn't be fair if they
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