What Is Chigurh's Character

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“He’s a peculiar man. You could even say that he has principals. Principals that transcend money or drugs or anything like that.” Anton Chigurh is viewed as the “bad” character. He is the character who does most of the despicable actions. However, as seen in the quote above and as explained by the rest of the book, Chigurh is quite the honest human being. Yes, he kills people which is bad but morally, he is the only character that holds to his morals and principals throughout the entire book. While reading this book, the reader begins to sympathize with Chigurh because of how honest he is. Chigurh is a principal man and although he does create bad situations, his principals and morals hold true throughout the book. Chigurh and his actions…show more content…
He took a portion of the money to cover his bill but that was it. That action was very honest of him. Anything in the book that Chigurh said he would do, he did. He gave everyone equal chances. “What 's the most you ever saw lost on a coin toss?” This one sentence symbolizes Chigurh’s belief in fate. Throughout the story Chigurh believes in fate. Meaning, everyone is destined for something whether that is death or wealth etc. This also show’s that Chigurh gives everyone equal chances. He gives everyone a 50/50 chance of life or death. Fate is what drives Chigurh and his actions to be the “winner” of the story. Quite possibly the worst example, morally, of Chigurh keeping his promise is at the end of the story when he kills Carla Jean, Llewellyn Moss’ wife. He had promised Moss that if he did not return the case to him being Chigurh, that he would kill Moss’ wife. He sure did that. Moss did not return the case directly to Chigurh and for that he payed with his wife’s life. Although that is a bloody and unconventionally way to display one’s honesty, it technically was very honest of Chigurh to keep his
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