What Is Christina's Last Mistake

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Christina is affected by the social pressures that include: being judged and having to act a certain way dictated by their Italian culture, which results in her feeling alone and isolated from others. She is judged by her family and friends that are constantly questioning her morals and decisions. Due to her past mistake of having Josie so young Italians look at her life as a disgrace. She feels alone against all these pressures, which in return causes her to feel as if she has no choice in life and is isolated from people outside family. Even though the times ae different, she follows the life of an Italian during her mother’s young days. Christina is unable to speak against what the Italians believe is good, and allows this to determine her life and choices. “People will talk you know…People? What people? Italians? Mama, I…show more content…
(Marchetta, 95) The Italians judge her as she is already a disgrace for going against their values and beliefs. She feels restricted from the pressures and that her life doesn’t belong to her. She is pressured to make a good impression that will reflect on her family, in return she never is able to be happy will her life for she never wants to make another mistake again. Therefore Christina is affected by obligations and expectations of her family and culture, which in return influence her life and decisions and make her feel alone and isolated without a voice. Secondly, John Barton faces stress, depression and commits suicide from the pressures of having to uphold his reputation, achieving his parents’ expectations, and being perfect to society. Upholding his reputation causes him to stress about always being perfect, doing the right thing, and winning. Being in the elite community his reputation means everything to his family, for his success is their own. His parents
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