What Is Clear And Effective Communication

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Explain why clear and effective communication is essential in the workplace.
According to the 8000-265 - Workplace Communication, effective communication is when the message is received by the sender. Whether, verbal, nonverbal, or written, effective communication creates shared meanings between the sender and receiver. Communication is effective only when the intended audience receives the message, understands it, remembers it, and responds to it appropriately. Effective communication in the workplace facilitates information sharing between employees and has a significant impact on the success of the organisation through effective problem solving, good working relations, improved team working and the building of trust. Effective communication buttresses the actions of every stratum of the organisation, managers, supervisor, and employees, minimising friction between people, waste time, and mistakes. When, through effective communication, the vision, mission and duties of the organisation are made clear, employees are able to understand the value of their contribution to the organisation. Conversely, ineffective workplace communication will result in organisational damage through stress and tension in the workplace, lost time and effort and missed opportunities.

Outline the key stages in the communication process. Using the SMCR Model of communication (Sender, Medium, Channel and Receiver) to outline the communication process, this model describes the exchange of
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