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Recently in class we discussed the true value of a college degree. Is college really worth going into debt for? Or is college really that helpful in society now days? These are just some of the questions the authors within our readings try to answer. The next few paragraphs will summarize and synthesize the two readings.

In the first reading titled “What is College For?’, Phyllis M. Wise- the Vice President of the University of Illinois and the Chancellor of the University of Illinois Urbana- Champaign- uses a survey and personal experiences to explain what college is really for. Some of the presidents/ leaders surveyed believed that interaction among peers was just as important as the education of the students. There were two key aspects that almost all of the leaders could agree. One of the aspects was that college will help
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In this article Cassidy agreed with Wise about the importance of college, but his approach to the writing process of this article was completely different. For an example, his article gave us more factual evidence instead of personal experiences and opinions. Cassidy described college as a prerequisite for “human betterment and prosperity”, and for the upcoming economy. He also believes that human capitol goes up each time you get a better degree. Through out the piece the author constantly refers to financial side of college. He agrees that college is a good investment for people who are willing to work hard. However, he also mentions that college is not for everyone, and we must realize that not everyone is fit for higher education. Even though the price of college has risen tremendously the amount of graduates has risen almost every year. Generally, articles that state more factual information will be taken more seriously by readers. Personal beliefs are great, but when it comes to down to it people want facts and relevant
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