What Is Connective Tissue?

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Connective tissue varies widely in appearance and function, but all forms share three basic components which are extracellular protein fibers, specialized cells, and a fluid known as ground substance. The combination of the extracellular fiber and ground substances produces the matrix that surrounds the cells. The functions of connective tissue are to establish a structural framework for the body. Secondly, it transport fluids and dissolved materials. The connective tissue also protect delicate organ. It also support, surround and interconnect other types of tissue. Moreover, it stores energy, especially in the form of triglycerides. It also defends the body from invading microorganisms. Connective tissue can be divided into three which are connective tissue proper, fluid connective tissues and supporting connective tissues. Connective tissue proper are tissues with many types of cell and extracellular fibers in a syrup ground substance. Connective tissue proper can be divided into two which are loose connective tissue and dense connective tissue.…show more content…
Areolar tissue is the common connective tissue proper in the body. All types of cells can be found in areolar tissue such as fixed cells, fibers, and wandering cells. Moreover, adipose tissue is found deep in the skin. It forms a layer that gives padding within the orbit of the eyes, in the abdominopelvic cavity and around the kidneys. Reticular tissue is located in the liver, kidney, spleen, lymph nodes, and bone marrow, which it forms a tough, flexible network that gives support and resists

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