What Is Contemporary Social Media

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Contemporary social media has become the foundational means of global communication. As social media has thrived through time, it has condensed the world into a smaller more universal market. Social media has also become a substantial factor of globalization, as it has made it facile for companies and firms to get through to the public and its market. Communication has also amended since social media evolved. It has made it easier for companies to target a diverse market, as social media is directed to the general public. Social media has latterly invaded the world, people these days could not imagine living without a source of social media; it has subjugated people’s minds and embraced them into something trivial. People have always been sociable; they have always felt the need to communicate with one another, but distance has made it enigmatic. However, the Homo sapiens are intelligent creatures and are very creative. “Throughout history, people came up with various ways of communicating: through post, pigeons, telegraph, light signals and telephone. Getting responses a few hundred years ago meant waiting for months or a year.”(webdesigner). As of human nature, people are voracious and are never satisfied with what they have, they are always willing for something better. The construction of a system that lets people interact through the Internet was developed in 1978 and was called the bulletin board system. Then in 1988, the internal relay chat was manufactured and was

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