What Is Corruption In The Crucible

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Most people relies on information that is on the trend. Some will do their research and some will not. The way how information transfer could be easily corrupted in today’s time period. Most people gain knowledge of events through social media. My opinion on the possibility of information corruption leans towards the agreement side. During the Great Depression, hearings were conducted by congress to investigate suspected communists. This is where McCarthyism came in play and completely ravaged the lives of individuals or organizations that were rumored to be communists. Most of the rumors were biases and rarely had hard evidence against them. According to the author of The Crucible, Arthur Miller, this is another repeat in American history where mass hysteria occurred and threaten people’s freedom and reputation. There is no question that information could not be…show more content…
Donovan, had been selected to negotiate a trade between two prisoners of war. Before the negotiation planning, the CIA had captured Rudolf Abel, a Soviet spy, on American soil. Shortly after, the Americans had sent out Gary Powers, a U-2 pilot, to record data in the Soviet airspace territory, or known as spying. Eventually it led to Powers being shot down and captured. The American government wanted to execute Abel at the time, but Donovan had a brilliant plan in mind, he defended Abel with full trust as his attorney. Nevertheless, Donovan made sure to kept Abel alive for our benefits as a nation. Although the fact that Donovan defended a Soviet spy caused an outrage in the country giving him names such as being a communist and a traitor, he fought strongly and did not care about his reputation. Later in the week, Donovan planned out the exchange with the Soviets over in Germany and hopefully to return back to America with Powers. Right when Donovan returned to America, he was honored and recognized with the bravery of serving his
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