Application Of Modelling Theory In Criminology

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The theory proposed had many applications in various fields. It is used majorly as a method to eliminate phobias of people by the process of different stimuli to cure vertigo, fear of snakes etc. Some of the major fields it is being applied in is:
The modelling theory is primarily useful in criminology when explaining the reasoning behind violent acts. According to Bandura, individuals learn aggressive behaviour from other people. When enforced by the media and living environment, such behaviour is modelled by the learner. It is noted that an individual will not imitate violent behaviour unless certain criteria warrants modelling. In addition to being exposed to violence, an individual must pay attention to and remember
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The second outcome that could be observed is that a person may receive the stimulus but choose to act completely against it or behave in a completely opposite way by being non-violent as the motivation in this case would be to restrict further violent harm. The theory also suggests that deviant behaviour also acts as a major stimulant. It states that criminal and deviant behaviour is learned in both social and non-social situations through combinations of direct reinforcement, vicarious reinforcement, explicit instruction and even direct/indirect observation. Both the probability of being exposed to certain behaviours and the nature of the reinforcement are dependent on group norms. This is seen in the case of the protagonist of the famous TV series “Dexter” where the main character reacts to a violent stimulus in his life by turning into a vigilante killer who kills for justice by subjugating the murderers and the killers to horrible painful deaths. In this case we see that the subject being Dexter reacts positively by accepting and reproducing the violent acts. It is seen here that the subject has met all the conditions by not only receiving a live…show more content…
It is often seen that positive rewards and lack of punishment for aggressive behaviours reinforces aggression in a person. There is a significant correlation between viewing violent television and aggression later in life, as well as playing violent video games and aggressive behaviors. The role of observational learning has also been cited as an important factor in the rise of rating systems for TV, movies, and video games. This is seen in the case of violent games such as Counter-Strike which provide the gamers with the option of choosing the side of the Terrorists which has been proved to influences gamers towards violent tendencies and even situations where children have in the presence of fire arms in an attempt to recreate game have in fact killed each other or even hurt themselves on numerous occasions. It has even been seen that games like Call Of Duty and Mortal Combat has also increased the violent tendencies in children. Most games in fact rely on the violence and gore to promote their games as in the case of Mortal Combat X and Just Cause 3 and especially games like the ones in the Grand Theft Auto series actual promote violence and homicidal tendencies. One of the landmark cases that can be noted here is the famous Manga killing case which occurred in Scotland in which a couple of students after watching the series Death Note decided to act like the protagonist, who kills criminals by

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