Personal Essay: My Interest In Bollywood Music

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I believe in people. It is this belief that drives my courage and confidence in a world of cynicism and doubt. I know that ultimately, humans strive for belonging and community; thus, while loneliness and anger may always be in existence, so will togetherness and bliss.

In this small nation of mine, people speak at least two languages and in addition to the English language, I have experienced the beauty of the Malay traditional tales, Chinese dragons, and Indian cuisines through years of golden rich and poor multiracial friends, stories, and cultural events, ranging from the Islamic Eid Al-Fitr to the graceful moves of Bollywood dances. Yes, I am proud to have listened to stories from all walks of life, tales of traditions. My family taught
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My participation in MUN further allows me to present and defend opinions of Iran, Iraq, and the United States, not only pushing me outside of my comfort zone but also instills understanding and respect towards other cultures and values. My passion for dancing to Bollywood music has only been met by my Chinese choreographers who also share the same values and were willing to endeavor together to make this year’s Diwali Night a night brighter than the last – and extraordinary it was. Contrary to traditional beliefs, culture does not set a person apart; rather, it gives a reason for people of different backgrounds to sit together under one roof and eat the scrumptious delicacies each race has to offer. Culture molds me into a better human being as it presents some lessons of life which otherwise would have taken a long time to be discovered. I know the worth of my culture and have accepted it as an essential guiding element of my life. Wearing my elegant ‘Baju Melayu’ traditional outfit, I am ready to leave an enduring legacy with the power of the people acting together in incessant
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