What Is Cultural Awareness Essay

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I believe in people. It is this belief that drives my courage and confidence in a world of cynicism and doubt. I know that ultimately, humans strive for belonging and community; thus, while loneliness and anger may always be in existence, so will togetherness and bliss. In this small nation of mine, people speak at least two languages and in addition to the English language, I have experienced the beauty of the Malay traditional tales, Chinese dragons, and Indian cuisines through years of golden rich and poor multiracial friends, stories, and cultural events, ranging from the Islamic Eid Al-Fitr to the graceful moves of Bollywood dances. Yes, I am proud to have listened to stories from all walks of life, tales of traditions. My family taught me the meaning of heritage which resembles our race and religion, through honorific speech towards elders, tolerance towards different faiths, and adherence to Malay traditional values. In KYUEM, my experience being the co-director of Bangsawan Night – a school cultural theatrical competition – opened my eyes to witness the best of our heritage displayed through the rigorous effort of my friends…show more content…
The showcase of the ‘Asmarada’ dance – the elbows gracefully tear through the air, in perfect rhyme with the feet, which trace a curve that no menace can surpass, flawlessly synchronized with the traditional Malay music – was an experience which changed my perspective of our tradition and prompted me to share this culture with others. Apart from the incredibly ingenious artistic techniques used and the old folklores illuminated, this event tells not only the tales of the past but also how culture could be an underestimated tool for community cohesiveness and
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