Bless Me Ultima Literary Analysis

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As an individual in a society with conflict everywhere, differing between personal and religious beliefs can often be burdensome. Making sure the best option is chosen is very important for Antonio in this novel due to his family being torn on what he should become. Many people with strong religious beliefs can also claim that they have been torn between choosing what is right for one. Making that decision can be hard for an individual from a strong religion, I do relate to being torn between choosing which is best for me. Introduction Paragraph 2 Overview and Background: Cultural conflicts can tear a family apart and damage them internally, mainly occurring when different cultural values and beliefs clash. Antonio's parents both want him to follow a different path based on what they believe is best for him. Cultural conflict occurs many times throughout the book, including one relating to Antonio’s future where his mother wants him to be a farmer and while his dad wants him to become a vaquero. Statement…show more content…
In Bless Me, Ultima, work is something major for the family seeing that it is mentioned an abundant amount of times. The reason for it being talked about so much has to do with arguments that occur between Antonio’s mother, Maria and the father, Marez. This all stems from when Antonio was a baby. He was offered the “objects of life” and he chooses the pen and the paper.(Anaya 54) This inferred that he would become a scholar while on his first day of school. Guided by his mother in a way so that Antonio would become a scholar and a priest, he is met with the problem of his dad wanting him to become a vaquero. These conflicts do not help Antonio see what he should become, they just worsen it for him. Making sure the parental figures are the number 1 guiders in a kids life can be crucial. In this scenario, Ultima ended up being the parental figures for Antonio seeing how she showed him the way in most
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