Cultural Diversity Report

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1- Introduction This report will state and elaborate the idea and the concept of culture, cultural diversity as well as handling with cultural diversity in an organization. It will clarify and explain the advantages as well as disadvantages for a company having employees of different cultural backgrounds. Likewise, it will also explain significance of dealing with different cultures, influence of culture over the workers and style of management. Similarly, it will also discuss significance of cultural training and cultural diversity implications in managing an organization. In the present time, workers with different cultures in an organization have become the fact which cannot be ignored. The effect of different cultures varies and diverges…show more content…
Culture is comprise of religion values ,economy ,languages ,class ,material items ,social institutions ,customs ,manners ,education, policies and attitudes (Czinkota & Ronkainen ,1993).Kirkman and Shapiro (2001) described that cultural diversity affect the management styles .He stated that managers with different cultural backgrounds showed different behavior, attitudes, beliefs and basic values. Moveoneinc (2013) stated that culture has prodigious impact over the management style. For example, in Japanese firms almost all employees are participating in the process of decision making. But in the society of America, only top management is involved in the decision making of important and vital matters. In the same way, reward systems are designed on individual performance in western countries and America whereas individual performance has less significance in Japanese firms. Likewise, some cultures believe in collaboration of individuals in the firms while some stimulate competition between the individuals. Similarly, long term goals are desired in some cultures as compared to short term goals. In other words, cultural background results differences in managing the organizations. Miroshnik (2002) stated that behavior and thinking approaches are under the influences of culture in any society. Organization can achieve its goals if manages satisfy or confirms proper behaviour of the individuals to…show more content…
These trainings certify valuable and effective communication among the employees (Nishii & Ozbilgin, 2007). Cross cultural training is very important for growth and development of business of the company having the cultural diverse workforce. Without having training and knowledge of the multi culture, it is difficult for employees to deal in the diverse cultural environment where they are working. Lack of cross cultural trainings may result in poor teamwork as well as collaboration in business matters which may results financial loss. Moreover, this may result miscommunication as well as frustration. This may lead to have poor morale as well as wastage of time in the business contracts and agreements (ft,
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