Essay On Cultural Geography

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In my second semester of Cultural Geography I think I have been doing way better then my first semester,I think this because in the first semester I didn't do my work at all like literally at all,because I have cultural geography in 1st period so either in the morning I would be tired or I will be exhausted.because It will be the last period of the day on Thursday's or Friday's,and also the teacher will put us in groups,and I didn't used to like nobody from my first period class,and talk to them so when we would work in group work I would refuse not to do it,sometimes it will be to hard,and because I wouldn't talk to nobody so I will just sit there like I wouldn't care.For my second semester of English 9 I think I am actually doing a little better then the last semester,I used to think English really didn't affect your grade until they told me,I did used to do my work but I didn't used to put that much work,I just think that English is really boring.In my second semester of Algebra A I am doing way more badder than my…show more content…
The reason why I say that the culture geography teacher was class is because I like that way she teaches the class. None of the teachers I have are as fun as that one. I enjoy listening in that class for that reason. The way the teacher teaches the class. Like for example She doesn't yell at me when I do not understand the assignment she comes to me and helps me out, until I understand the assignment. Well that's how I see it because in my math class, I struggle a lot so I need all the help I can get, but since sometimes the teacher gives a lot of khan, I can not get all of the work done during class in the week. It is a big class so the teacher can not just be helping me the whole time. I have asp, but sometimes I have other work from other classes so I do those
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